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One Past Two – the film

Here’s the full version of “One Past Two”. Turn up the volume and watch it in fullscreen!

This is the original Vimeo link with more info:

There’s no point in making a film when nobody can see it. That’s why I decided to put it online for all the world to see and share. To prevent people from downloading or misusing the film, it was uploaded in a medium quality. If you want to have the high quality file, or DVD, please go to the “Shop” part of this website.


One Past Two is winner of the WDKA Maaskantprijs 2012!

Great news!

Last week I received the WDKA Maaskant Prize 2012 for “One Past Two”. This prize, a travelcheque of 4000,- euros, is given every 2 years to the best graduation project of the Willem de Kooning Academy, to support the artists in their further career. I was nominated together with 19 other fantastic ex-students of my academy and I had never expected to win. It’s great to see that the film, which I made almost 2 years ago, still moves people. Of course I made the film in order to graduate – but I also made it as an artistic and emotional monument in my life. And it took me blood, sweat and tears to make. An appreciation like this, even so late, means the world to me. So thanks to all of the jury for chosing me, and thanks to the academy for nominating me! Also, the exhibition featuring all of the nominees is still taking place till November 25th in “Gallery Blaak10”, Rotterdam. Go see it! One Past Two is screened in the basement.

More info and the official statement of the jury can be found here:

Here are some nice pics of the award ceremony 🙂

The film is still online, so don’t miss it!

VOTE! for One Past Two at the Go Short Festival

The Go Short Festival selected One Past Two for their monthly online competition. The highest rated films will go to the finale in March 2012. Please vote for One Past Two, rate it as high as possible and I’ll be forever grateful. Thanks! The festival will take place in Nijmegen, Holland, in March 2012.

How it works
1. Go to
2. Click “One Past Two” on the right (beneath “Online Competitie”)
3.  Rate it high by clicking the 5th arrow on top of the film

Finished! Please share on Facebook, Twitter etc. Thanks a lot!

VOTE! Nederlands Online Filmfestival official selection

One Past Two is in the official selection of the Dutch Online Filmfestival! Yahoo!

If you liked One Past Two, please vote for the film in the Nederlands Online Filmfestival. The audience award will be 2.500 euro’s, so I’d appreciate your voting… 🙂
Here’s what to do:

1. Visit
2. Choose Category>Fictie and search for One Past Two.

3. Click the green thumb under the Youtube version of One Past Two.
Finished! Or you could send it around on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Thanks so much!

Official Selection Nederlands Filmfestival 2011!

One Past Two is selected for the Nederlands Filmfestival 2011, which is the greatest film festival of the Netherlands. The film got selected in 3 programmes:

1. the Online Filmfestival competition
2. the Focus: Animation 3 competition
3. the Focus: Nieuwe Lichting (students) competition!


Animation 3 – Sunday September 25th 16:00, Hoogt 1
Animation 3 – Monday September 26th 22:15, Hoogt 2
Student competition – Tuesday September 27th 20:00, Louis Hartlooper Complex 2
Student competition – Wednesday September 28th  14:00,  Louis Hartlooper Complex 2

More info and tickets can be found here:

The student awards will be announced on September 23rd. I will give a short aftertalk  on stage, on Sunday September 25th after the screening. Be there! TICKETS NOW ON SALE!

Film analysis by Fernando Ferreira Garróz

Here’s a film analysis of One Past Two on a Brazilian blog about the art of film. I really enjoyed reading it. Fernando also posted some pictures of the progress of the film and some of my comics. Also, the blog features a version of One Past Two (Duas e um) with Portugese subtitles. Well done, Fernando! Links are below.

Graphicinema: The illusion of life in “One Past Two”


Today, one day after the official release of the film, the film is already in full exposure on the web. This morning, animationblog CartoonBrew linked the film. Amid Amidi says on this website:

Aimee de Jongh’s One Past Two is about as depressing as student films get. The filmmaker effectively pairs unpredictable violence with the mundanity of everyday life in a way that makes the events even more shocking, and it all leads to a twist ending. Animated in TVPaint, the short was finished this year at the Willem de Kooning Academy in The Netherlands.

And later, the NTR Kort website for Dutch shortfilms interviewed me about the film here: Below is a small part of it:

Een prachtige spannende animatiefilm met een heftig onderwerp welke op dit moment erg actueel is. Gemaakt door Aimee de Jongh (22), beginnend striptekenares en animator. Een jongen en een meisje ontmoeten elkaar bij een bushalte, niet wetend dat ze op de grens staan van leven en dood. Niet te voorzien geweld wordt gecombineerd met de alledaagsheid van het leven, op een manier welke de gebeurtenissen uiteindelijk nog schokkender maakt en een twist aan het einde geeft.

Thanks everyone!

One Past Two & the recent events in Oslo

Due to the recent events in Oslo, the subject of my graduation film is suddenly a “hot topic”: Lone wolves. That’s the name of the maniacs who shoot randomly at innocent crowds, blindly convinced by their own ideas. There is no way I could have foreseen that my film would be so relevant at the time of publication.

All I can do now, is hope that my film might unveil the poetry behind the cruel reality of such shootings. If there is any.

Animation, and art in general, have always been there to reveal the different sides of events. No matter how inhumane. By imagination, art will take the viewer beyond the images we see on the news everyday. Shine a new light on them. If my film can do that, that’s all I need.

My thoughts are with the victims and their relatives.

– Aimee

Trailer + Drempelprijs 2011

Good news!

One Past Two has been nominated for the Rotterdam DREMPELPRIJS 2011. This is a prize of € 5.000 that’s supported by the Willem de Kooning Academy and the City of Rotterdam. I didn’t win the prize, but ended up as second! I don’t like losing of course, but considering it’s second among all of the graduation projects of our art school, that’s kind of a compliment too 🙂

The composer of the film’s score has made a little trailer for promotional purposes. But I’d like to show it to you as a sort of trailer. Will post the full film online soon.

Film will be playing in expo space BLAAK10, Rotterdam

My graduation film One Past Two will be playing in a loop at the “Best of Graduation”exhibition in exposition space BLAAK10, in the Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam. It’s the expo space of my school, the Willem de Kooning Academy. The film will be played from July 16th till August 28th.

It might be the last time in a while that it will play, so go go go!

More information can be found here: