One Past Two

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Month: February, 2011

Recording Day!

Today we recorded the voices of Tim (by Henri van Adelberg) and Eve (Eva van Gerven). Friend and director Hans Walther helped us through the day. Thanks to Henk-Jelle de Groot and Rob Dielissen to make the studio voice-actor-ready! It was a great success.

Here are some pictures that we took after the recording. As you can see we were happy with the results 🙂



Concept art featuring the main characters, Tim and Eve.


Hello world!

Welcome to the blog of One Past Two, a graduation film for the Willem de Kooning Academy by Aimee de Jongh. This blog will be updated through the process of this 2D animated film.

In the summer of 2011, the film will be ready. Until then, enjoy this exclusive look “behind the scenes”. Here’s the first sneak preview, to celebrate the start of this blog!

– Aimee de Jongh